‘Y’ Batman Wins Over 50 Shades

Why? “BECAUSE I’M BATMAN!” Ok yes, but… “NO THAT’S THE ANSWER!” Well if you’ll just… “THAT’S ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID” Why are you screaming at me in all caps? “BECAUSE IT  IMPORTANT….AND….I’M BATMAN!” *throws Lego Batman in the drawer* That’s better. Now where was I? Yes, Batman wins because he’s Batman. However, its … More ‘Y’ Batman Wins Over 50 Shades

Music Video DCvsMarvel is the Real ‘VS’

It’s MARCH! Which means several things in my book. Frigid cold weather is banned from my existence Saint Patrick’s Day is my annual binge watching day on everything I’m not caught up on in order to avoid the alcoholics that all claim to be Irish And apparently Batman vs Superman…? I mean yes, putting Batman and Superman in the … More Music Video DCvsMarvel is the Real ‘VS’

“Y” Deadpool’s Relationship Represents the Today Couple

Congrats Wade! You’ve just shattered box office records! Your 10 years of Ryan Reynolds pleading on his knees to make this happen movie just soared past ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ and ‘Fifty Shades of Bland’ as the highest grossing weekend opening for an R Rated movie. How do you feel? What are you going to do next!? Judging … More “Y” Deadpool’s Relationship Represents the Today Couple

It’s Cyber Monday!

And all I’m really excited to talk about is that it’s Kevin Conroy’s Birthday today! If you have to ask who Kevin Conroy is, you’re dead to me! No,no it’s understandable if you don’t. Only children of the 80’s/90’s would really know who he is. For over 20 years he’s been the iconic voice of … More It’s Cyber Monday!