‘Y’ These Steps Can Help You Move On from Unrequited Love

I’m in love and its wonderfully tragic. Ever since I saw Billy Crystal run to find Meg Ryan on the eve of New Years to proclaim his undying affection for his best friend I’ve dreamed of such a moment happening; Friends first, lovers second, soul mates till death do us part.  What a beautiful Hollywood … More ‘Y’ These Steps Can Help You Move On from Unrequited Love

‘Y’ Batman Wins Over 50 Shades

Why? “BECAUSE I’M BATMAN!” Ok yes, but… “NO THAT’S THE ANSWER!” Well if you’ll just… “THAT’S ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID” Why are you screaming at me in all caps? “BECAUSE IT  IMPORTANT….AND….I’M BATMAN!” *throws Lego Batman in the drawer* That’s better. Now where was I? Yes, Batman wins because he’s Batman. However, its … More ‘Y’ Batman Wins Over 50 Shades

Why Generation-Y Females Should NOT Date Older Men

Sure, go ahead and tell me, “age ain’t nothing but a number.” Alright that could be true…depending on the age gap. There’s also this myth that age=maturity. Sure, that also could be true. You’ve also heard of the midlife crisis phase as well; that’s when maturity seems to go right out the window. ” I … More Why Generation-Y Females Should NOT Date Older Men

Y No More Cheezit’s

  “We don’t carry them anymore.” “You don’t carry them anymore?” The CIBO Express employee nods his head. “Yes we stop carrying Cheezits and Goldfish. We have these organic chedder crackers that are similar?” It’s been a long tradition of mine when I fly to drink chai and buy outrageously overpriced Cheezits and this man … More Y No More Cheezit’s

Can’t Even: A Woman’s Struggle

I am a female in the 21st Century. Hmm…wait. I’m a Millennial Female living in New York in the 21st Century….. ….Well more specifically; I’m a generation y, 90’s kid, Batman loving, body fat weighing, wellness dieting, macaroni and cheese loving, pro feminist, gender equality, male envy, school girl crushing, like me for my brain but still … More Can’t Even: A Woman’s Struggle