‘Y’ I’m Obsessed With Sherlock


I confess, I’ve never really been a fan of the character, Sherlock Holmes. I read the Nancy Drew books as a kid for obvious reasons that A) She was a girl and B) She had red hair (I always wanted red hair as a kid…must be that Little Mermaid complex).  Nor was I ever dubbed a “Cumberbitch”. Benedict Cumberbatch looked like an alien to me; tall, lanky and ungodly sharp cheek bones. The man, quite frankly, creeped me out. I was, however, a fan of Martin Freeman. He was, minus the Gollum scene from the first film, the only saving grace from those god awful Hobbit movies. Really Peter Jackson, we didn’t need a trilogy!

I digress, back to London.

BBC’s Sherlock was sort of a vague afterthought I would notice over the past 7 years. I knew of its existence, saw that it played on BBC and kind of left it there. Again, not a huge fan of the character. Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal was just alright. I found myself wishing he was just Tony Stark on-screen when watching the two films. Jude Law’s Watson almost seemed comical; Way too pretty of a face in my opinion to be the doctor. ‘The Young Pope’ however, well that’s more like it. #reallynotreally

Hang on. Aren’t I supposed to be writing about how much I love the show? If I’m not interested in the characters, not particularly fond of Benedict’s face and really couldn’t care to pick it up 7 years ago…what changed? I saw Doctor Strange. Doesn’t really add up I know BUT it was the first movie I really enjoyed Benedict in. Alright so if I like Martin Freeman and I didn’t cringe when Benedict was on-screen(most have been the beard) why not give Sherlock a once over?

First thing that works; the cinematography. This show would almost be impossible to follow if they hadn’t figured out a way to film Sherlock’s train of thought. Once you’re in his mind you see how he dissects environments, people and adds up his deductions making it fun for the viewer. Because you’re in his head its easier to sympathize and love a “high functioning sociopath”.

Second, the writing. It’s hard to make Sherlock Holmes likable but creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are more than up for the challenge; Helps that they’re huge Sherlock Holmes fans too. Mark Gatiss actually portrays Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s older brother. He’s also just as if not more intelligent than Sherlock. I confess watching their scenes together is quite entertaining. Just watch the scene were they make deductions on a hat in Season Three(hilarious). The writing goes from being clever, to comical, to frightening, to heartwarming pretty effortlessly. It understands balance, the complexity of the character and knows when to make fun of the fact that Sherlock is really not a hero. He’s just an incredibly conceded man with a heart.

Thirdly, Martin Freeman’s face. It’s priceless. His, is the face of reason. Sherlock’s grounding point and his door to humanity. When Watson he’s trying to comprehend what just happened you get classic Freeman side glance beats. John Watson’s reactions to Sherlock’s absurdities is a nod to the audience that the show is well aware Sherlock is being unreasonable and selfish. Freeman’s Doctor Watson isn’t dumb, he’s highly educated in the medical profession and a celebrated war hero. He just happens to be standing next to a man that can dissect the minimalist detail within two minutes of stepping into a crime scene. Luckily Watson is just fascinated instead of put off.

Now Benedict, I know he’s been in A LOT of films. I confess I’ve seen some and have left not really remembering him. I remember him here. Not to beat a dead corpse(that’s a Sherlock pun for ya) over and over again but Sherlock Holmes is not a easy character to like. He actually is a “high functioning sociopath”. On average, Sherlock offends at least 4 people per episode by his bluntness and uncanny ability to point out what someone is hiding from the public.  Yet you like him. You actually even sometimes feel for him (Irene Adler….oopmf) When John and Mary get married(oops um…spoiler alert?) there’s lovely moments of Sherlock just silent in the corner taking in the fact he’s without a flat mate now or he’s in denial that things will change or he’s calling his brother during the reception for company. The character begins to soften over time thanks to John. He begins to care and crave a relationship with his brother, with a friend, with a woman even…even if the woman is unattainable.

So, ya….well played brits. This show is great. One problem, it may be over?

Benedict is getting more and more popular so its increasingly hard for the creators to get Freeman and Benedict on the same schedule according to Gatiss.  They went two years between season 3 and 4 last time due to that conflict. Now it may not happen anymore at all?! Boo! No! The last episode truly wasn’t their strongest one and I feel Sherlock has finally reached a peak point were he freely admits he has feelings. His brother is close to cracking too. Come on now Benedict, work with me! I mean them. Them. Now is the time fans need to step up and petition another Sherlock season. Just one more and then you can walk away if you’d like. I won’t beg….again…I promise!

Hence why you’re getting this blog. Fans of Sherlock, write a blog! Send it into the cosmos that is the internet and pray our voices are heard.



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