“Y” Must We Body Shame Lady Gaga?!

Lady Gaga

Just when I think we take two steps forward in female empowerment, the internet takes a giant leap back.

Internet Jerks Are Actually Body Shaming Lady Gaga

Seriously guys, seriously? Sure she had a tiny pouch. I loved seeing that. So when she bent over there was a beginning of a stomach roll. I loved seeing that. So she looked like she actually ate like a normal American. I loved seeing that. Does that make her fat? Hell no!

Luckily though, women and men rallied to her side with various messages like:

“It’s sad that it’s 2017 and we’re still body shaming!” “did a phenomenal job & I support womens’ body image in all sizes. Here is my contribution. 99% of us have guts.” “Ppl fat shaming Lady Gaga after her performance…Well if shes fat I wanna be too bc her bod is amazing. Shes beautiful so are all u ladies” “If Lady Gaga is fat I want to be fat too.”

Soon the lady herself responded with, “I’m proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too.”

This is encouraging. No, really it is. We as a collective are not letting cyber bullies control our bodies. We probably couldn’t, as a community, do that 10 years ago as quickly as we did this time. To see women and men say that they thought she was just fine and to back off deserves a standing ovation.

Body shaming is slowly becoming a thing of the past and is something I feel almost everyone can get behind in supporting. Too many of us have been bullied for how we look. Too many of us have been told we aren’t skinny enough. Too many of us get judged if we eat a donut instead of a smoothie. Its too much and its outdated.  A new era is slowly dawning so come on Hollywood, catch up! Lets see more curvaceous ladies in the future!!!

High five to society on this one.



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