Why Generation-Y Females Should NOT Date Older Men

Sure, go ahead and tell me, “age ain’t nothing but a number.” Alright that could be true…depending on the age gap. There’s also this myth that age=maturity. Sure, that also could be true. You’ve also heard of the midlife crisis phase as well; that’s when maturity seems to go right out the window. ” I want to feel young again.” Understandable. But does that mean you should date younger? And if you’re also looking for maturity in a guy, does that mean you should date older?

This millennial had to find out, SO I signed up for a dating website…for men in their 50+ (I may have overshot it by a decade) I figured, why not? Men in their 30’s are still boys and  men in their 40’s are usually in the “resigned” stage. They’re not as motivated, they think they should be content…50 is a milestone, an alarm, a “wake up, you’re about to become a senior citizen! You’ve got time, go out and commit to something! Start over. Find love! You’ve got the finances now to be impressive.  Take her to a place where you can’t pronounce half the menu.” 50’s: the Carpe Diem phase.

Problem is…they’re more into the idea of you instead of actually you. That other pesky stereotype also comes into play; “Dating younger makes me feel younger”. It’s an ego boost to walk around with a younger girl. “Check me out, I’m with someone in their 20’s!” And if that scenario doesn’t come into play you usually run into, “what they hell do we even talk about once we get past the whole getting to know you 20 questions game?” I went on 12 of these dates and I gotta tell you, that was more of a problem over the whole male ego, beating my chest syndrome. The 80’s are great! But I was in diapers for most of it. We all love David Bowie, but the soundtrack I listened to was ‘Labyrinth’ ( Die hard Ziggy fans apparently don’t count that) Most of them don’t even have a ‘Facebook’ page. “Is that the one with the blue bird?” (I’d like to give you the bird sir). My job and hobby IS social media. I’m not saying these guys should have known what SnapChat is or even Tumblr but COME ON most businesses HAVE to have a Facebook and Twitter account for advertising purposes. I was shocked that a couple of them didn’t even have smartphones, how are they paying for this? Again, we’re in a world now we’re you HAVE to have a smartphone just for your business.

Needless to say this didn’t work out for me. Will it work for some? Sure. But you need the right combination of relations just like you would dating someone in your own age box. It’s a lot more challenging the higher you climb in digits and quite frankly a waste of time for someone looking to lay down  marriage and kids on the table.

I fold. Who wants my seat?

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