“Y” Did You Take The Penny Arcade!?


MR+-+Penny+2Say it ain’t so TD Bank?!

My beloved Penny Arcade has been officially retired. NO! Why?

*Must Google this now! hmmm*

“Lawyers for the plaintiffs in a crop of putative class actions alleging TD Bank’s coin-counting machines shortchanged customers said they’re hoping the company’s announcement that it was unable to rectify problems with the devices will hasten resolution of the litigation.

The bank said May 19 that it would retire all 1,000 Penny Arcade machines in its branches after finding it was unable to work out the bugs that caused the machines to under-report the amount of coins turned in by customers. ”

Read more: http://www.njlawjournal.com/id=1202758419850/Death-of-TD-Banks-Coin-Counters-Has-Plaintiffs-Lawyers-Hopeful#ixzz4AorTud54


Man that sucks! I mean yes, it blows that the machines were “shortchanging” people BUT what’s even more obvious now that Penny is no more is, “we the people” are basically up a creek if we need to locate another resource to count our change. Its odd really. The coin is slowly but surely being weeded out of existence in favor of the plastic electronic world but there is still plenty of coin to go around. TD Bank was the only bank branch in the city I knew that counted coins, all others you needed you to roll them and THEN you could turn them in. Wait, how does one roll coins? I’ve never done it. I take it most of the general population doesn’t do it either….oh wait CoinStar! There’s always CoinStar….

*Must Google locations in NYC*

3? There’s only 3 locations in New York City?! None of them are on the upper east side either. Great, do you know how heavy coins are? Like, if you’ve got a Kate Spade clutch size amount of coins, it’s like carrying two 20 pound weights. “What the wakka?!”

Maybe I’ll just cave and buy a coin collector that has wrappers

*Ok Google, give me coin counters*

Sheesh, 100 dollars?

What are my options again?

  1. Learn to roll coins
  2. Travel to a CoinStar and pay the 10 percent fee
  3. Buy a coin counter


Can they bring the Penny Arcade back now?

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