“Y” Joe Jonas’s ‘Toothbrush’ is on Loop

I’m a little old for anything Jonas Brothers related. They were riding the Disney Channel fame when I had already moved on from teen pop swooning. They seemed like a Hanson Brothers rip off but with brown hair and I wasn’t in to them either, swipe left!

I will give credit were credit is due though; Super plus size model Ashley Graham Is Joe Jonas’ New Video Love Interest and its a big step in the right direction.


The song itself is pretty safe; catchy beat, light heart message, smooth vocals…but the statement Joe Jonas is making is (no pun intended) massive. Rockers have been hiring models to play love interests in their video for decades. It’s VERY rare that you seem them hire “plus size” ones. Personally I hate the term “plus size” since the majority of female population is considered that if we’re going with the runway standard of plus size is 8 and up. Quite honestly too, we technically should be judging the musician for his craft and not who he places in his video but who cares!? Joe Jonas put a BAutiful female in his video that wasn’t a size two! I’ll drink to that.

It’s also smart as well, the majority of his fan base IS female and he’s reading our voices loud and clear. He’s being an example.  Ashley Graham is a role model to get behind “fo sho!” She recently made headlines for being the first plus size model to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and has been flaunting her body all over Lane Bryant, Glamour, Levi’s, Vogue and so much more. Ladies, you order that burger instead of salad, real men need something to grab ahold of. He’ll be begging you to “leave a tooth brush at his place” and “wear his t-shirt” regardless of what you eat. Cause you are beautiful, “just the way you are” ….oops wrong artist.

It’s an old saying for sure that “real beauty is skin deep” but we all know that pop culture sorely lacks in advertising so. So while this song is “meh” in my eyes personally, it just earned an extra click or two from me on YouTube. One small step for Joe Jonas one giant leap for beautiful women like Ashley. You GO girl!

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