“Y” It all Comes Down to Family


I got to say, I’m starting to think someone is playing inside man at either the DC or Marvel offices…or should I say the Warner Brothers or Disney studios. If I thought the two coming out with versus movies in the same year was ironic, its nothing compared to the jaw dropping reveals that happen in both of these movies.

If you haven’t seen Batman v Superman or Captain America: Civil War. Please DON”T continue reading. I’m going into full on spoiler territory with this subject.

Still here?

Great, moving on….

Apparently  if you mess with a super hero’s mom, (ie kidnap or kill her) you can also provoke a fight between two “good” guys (whether it’s rational or not). Not the girlfriend, not the side kick, not the dad, the mom. At least now I understand why both studios wanted to release their film around Mother’s Day.  The whole reason Superman even agrees to fight Batman in the first place is because Lex Luthor kidnapped Clark’s mom and must trade Batman’s life for hers. In Captain America Civil War,  Bucky (aka Winter Soldier)killed the Starks….and Steve knew about it….and kept it from Tony.

Rationally, Superman would of had plenty of time to hunt down his mom. He has the powers to hear Louis drowning from miles away and has time to reach her before she dies, you don’t think he could have used his super hearing to locate the men holding his mom in under an hour?! Batman spent over a year HATING everything that Superman stood for, didn’t trust him, didn’t like him, didn’t think he was worthy of living BUT the second it comes out that Superman has a mom named Martha (the same name as Bruce’s mom) Superman doesn’t seem so much of threat anymore. Not the smartest evidence to use for your basis of conclusion on someone’s character but hey, “our mom’s have the same names!” we’re cool.

Now there’s Tony Stark. Since the first Iron Man came out we all knew his relationship with his father was less than solid. A lot of his motivational driving force behind Iron Man was his strained relationship that was left unfinished due to the infamous “car accident”. But the one thing we didn’t know was just how much Tony hated that his mom was killed as well as Howard Stark, we do now. When Steve is trying to be rational with Tony, “it wasn’t Bucky! He was brainwashed, it was hydra! This won’t changed what happened!”. Tony simple says, ” I don’t care. He killed my mom.” Ouch. Not even a “He killed my parents,” it’s a “he killed my mom.”

So mess with my mom, I’ll kill you. Save my mom, we can be buddies?

Well, perhaps that’s a little too black and white. Rationally, both of those fights could have easily been avoided by an open line of communication. Yet we’re assuming the love that we carry for our mothers is rational. My first guttural reaction to someone threatening my mom is, “You’re going to do what? you did what? No, that’s my mom! Don’t touch my mom!” It’s almost blinding really if you let that fear and rage consume you. That’s the person that brought you into this world. She’s nurtured, cared and provided for you most of your life. Why would we assume that we could control our emotions when it comes to them?

Sure, Superman could have saved his mother himself but his fear gave him blinders to other options he could choose to take. Tony Stark is smart enough to notice the manipulation game that Zemo was playing with him but his shock and grieve consumed his knack for spotting the obvious. Batman’s rage was strong enough to follow through with his mission to kill Superman but his compassion for his mother swayed his motivation to complete it. Does it make sense? Perhaps not to some, but that doesn’t matter. Our love can make friends and enemies out of even the best of us. These are our heroes. They are strong, fast, cunning, smart and gorgeous to look at. But even they can be torn asunder by the seemingly simplest of tactics that suddenly don’t seem so simple and clear.

When the dust settles, it’s Captain America’s shield that shuts down Iron Man from killing off Bucky. Steve has saved his friend from being murdered by a suit of armor full of pain. Yet, everyone is still bleeding.  “My father made that shield. You don’t deserve it.” whimpers Tony with nothing left to fight with but his words. Steve knows there would be no Captain America without the Howard Stark and would be shit up a creek in some situations if not for Tony as well BUT he also knows that Bucky didn’t kill out of his own free will. Saving him probably damaged his relationship forever with Tony but its a price he was willing to pay. So he drops the shield for Tony to take, it is essentially Stark property.

Steve is morally right. But does that make Tony wrong? Would you be able to control yourself if you saw a man punch your father to death and choke the life out of your mom? Would you be able to call someone a friend if they knew about it and kept it all from you? Would you?


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