‘Y’ #giveelsaagirlfriend?


There’s a lot of things going on this first week in “Mae”; Captain America, May the Fourth be with You, Cinco de mayo, a new Power Rangers picture, mom day, Republicans shooting themselves cause now they’re stuck with Trump, Elsa needs a girlfriend….Elsa needs a girlfriend? Say wha…..?

Yup apparently, twitter erupted with, “Hey Disney! Make Elsa the first lesbian princess!” And to NO ONE’S surprise this has started dividing lines between the pro’s and the con’s. Hey look, another ‘Civil War’! The thing that bother’s me is not necessarily the topic, although I’m on the con with this notion, is that if you are on the con side it apparently automatically makes you a bigot. Calm down. I’m not bashing the LGBT because I don’t think Elsa should be gay. I think if you give Elsa anyone, it defeats a new feat Disney just accomplished with her. Elsa is the first single Disney princess (minus Merida if you count Pixar)

That’s the message of Elsa; she doesn’t need a man or woman to save the day, she can do it herself. She’s Samantha, minus the whole promiscuous part. She needs to accept who she is and what she was born to be to be happy. That’s a really important message to teach young females. Too often do we put the pressure on females that if you’re single, there’s something wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with you if you’re single. We don’t say that enough. Can we start with that message first? How about then we start drawing females regular proportioned sized too? You’ve contributed to enough eating disorders Disney! Draw some natural waist lines, I beg of you! Oops, sorry, I’ve gone off topic again.

Clearly my side gets personal, I’m a romantic, don’t get me wrong.  I still want to end up with Prince Eric from ‘The Little Mermaid’.  I won’t lie though, it would have been nice to have an example of some girl saving the day without the man involved. THAT’S why I don’t think Elsa needs a girlfriend. I don’t think Elsa needs a boyfriend either. Elsa needs her family, her friends and most importantly, her confidence in herself that she can accomplish many things if she just has faith she can.





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