Is Batman V Superman Made for Men?


Well actually, I think, Batman V Superman has been made for Warner Brothers to cash in on two iconic Super Heroes as opposed to men in reality.

There’s over 100 negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and the metacritic score is 44 last I saw. Even diehard fanboys on YouTube who WANT to like it, can’t give the film a glowing review…oompf that’s bad. Not that I’m really surprised. It looked from the beginning that it was going to be too much too soon AND too crowded(which is really the problem). Turns out, they tried to cram five different films into two and a half hour hours. Not even a 8 minute cool fight scene can save you from poor writing, directing and editing(someone fire that editor!) But the sad part is, it doesn’t matter. The cash will come pouring in regardless. Just look at the box office; over 420 million globally. So Zack Snyder, I guess you get to keep your job. (Hold on while I go throw something) Michael Bay  stated that it didn’t matter what the critics said about his films because people would still pay to see them anyways. This seems to be the exact case here. Is that what the DC cinematic universe is now? Michael Bay entertainment? God I hope not! But as long as consumers pay, then the studio is justified on staying the course. And who are these consumers?

Most people would probably guess that its men, which is not a preposterous statement. It’s mostly men that read comics, work in their stores, buy the video games and collect the box sets to the cartoons. But this comic chick surely can’t be the only diehard female fan?There’s Grace from Beyond the Trailer. She loved the movie…… there’s Nostalgia Chick….well, she hasn’t reviewed it yet…um…Jessica Chobot of the Nerdist….oh…hasn’t reviewed it yet…uh…hmm? There really isn’t a lot. It’s not to say that they’re not out there (Hello! right here!) but their voices are on the scarce side.

Back when I wrote two blogs about Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot as the casting choice (  I went into a comic book shop to see if I could get anyone’s feedback on it. Most men there shrugged and said, “Ya, I personally would like more of a Xena type but she’s hot and they cast her for the men”. When I asked women they’re opinion, the general consensus was, “they always cast skinny in Hollywood. Don’t know why you thought they would do any different.” Now Grace was a fan of Gal Gadot’s performance. Great! A female that disagrees with me! Let’s debate it Grace! I personally thought she behaved more like a Bond girl (strutting around in a sexy manner, wearing suggestive gown clothing and little to no personality). Sure her fight scenes were cool, but I didn’t believe for a second she was a intimidating, fierce looking warrior. She’s just not a Wonder Woman that I, as a female, want to see. Any other females agree? Disagree? Most men in their reviews give her the “man, she’s hot!! And she kicked ass! high five!!!”…*snort* anything else? No? Great. But to be fair, Diana is barely in the movie and is not given that much to do. A lot of her scenes felt like throwaways unfortunately, making her kind of pointless to be in this already overly congested movie.  Lois Lane, played by Oscar nominated Amy Adams, basically has one of the weakest plot points of the movie as well and that damsel in distress routine got really old by the fourth(most annoying) save. So, way to under develop your female characters screen writers! It’s almost like they were like, “Hey we need to give these girls something to do….uh, sure that should be good. Just make sure they look great!”

Honestly, I have no problem with them having smaller parts. It’s Batman V Superman, I get it. I’m a HUGE Batman fan! But then pick a plot and let it breath. AND if you’re going to have female characters DON’T be lazy and make them a cliché. I find that boring and monotonous. It’s a typical Hollywood move. Speaking of typical Hollywood move, what is that?!


That looks like 300 in Barbie format…. wait, I’m off topic sorry, I have a whole year to grumble about that.

The point I’m trying to make is, it’s not just men that are going to these movies. Thanks to some fantastic cartoons, movies and comics in the 90’s more and more females are interested in these characters and their stories. And if you know that Warner Brothers, would anything for you change in how you make these movies?  More importantly would anything change in how you write your female characters? It couldn’t hurt to keep us in consideration when you write these parts. Wonder Woman was predominately created in order to attract more female readers to comics, which she did. You can draw us into your theaters too, just give us something more to go by besides look good, fight well and make sure you have a strong male around to help when you can’t accomplish the task yourself… several times over….god that’s annoying…

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