Music Video DCvsMarvel is the Real ‘VS’

It’s MARCH! Which means several things in my book.

  1. Frigid cold weather is banned from my existence
  2. Saint Patrick’s Day is my annual binge watching day on everything I’m not caught up on in order to avoid the alcoholics that all claim to be Irish
  3. And apparently Batman vs Superman…?

I mean yes, putting Batman and Superman in the same movie is a big deal. It’s literally never happened before in terms of big box office capacity and so much controversy is surrounding it that most will go see it even if it crashes and burns with the critics and die hard batfans. But I think most would agree that the subject matter is a bit, well, stupid.

Batman vs Superman? Really?! The suspense of a “versus” is in the unknown of who will come out victorious. With the announcement of the Justice League movie as well as the reveal of Doomsday in the trailer, its already pretty clear in this movie how it will end. Which deflates the whole purpose of a versus….to me at least. I’m not saying they should be off camping somewhere and snuggling to keep each other warm; Batman and Superman’s relationship has always been a complicated one but their differences never outweighed their judgments. At the end of the day, they were on the same team and both of them knew it, they just had a different way of going about it.  To be honest Iron Man and Captain America are closer to the dynamic of Batman and Superman than this cinematic Batman and Superman seem to be. Which is ironic considering that they also have a “versus” movie coming out the same year. Which begs the question; who will have the stronger story?

Which leads me into my next dorky endeavor: “The Fans Are Mine” parody music video. where I ask the question of who actually is winning with Fans these days, Marvel or DC? Cause really while it seems that I’ve taken one side, it’s not clearly Black and White on who is better. I could keep on going…but the arguments are in the Lyrics. Take a listen and let me know what you think?




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