“Y” Deadpool’s Relationship Represents the Today Couple


Congrats Wade! You’ve just shattered box office records! Your 10 years of Ryan Reynolds pleading on his knees to make this happen movie just soared past ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ and ‘Fifty Shades of Bland’ as the highest grossing weekend opening for an R Rated movie. How do you feel? What are you going to do next!? Judging by the end credits, you’ll probably need more than one tube of lotion before you call it a night. Just a suggestion…

While it did seem like this took forever, I can’t help but wonder if there was some define providence that kept this movie in production hell for as long as it did. The timing couldn’t be more relevant. With the world getting jam packed with super hero after super hero movie and most of its audience attendants being of mature stature, it seems only necessary to make a film about a “anti-hero” that enjoys poking fun at his fellow comrades and the world they market themselves in. Deadpool is an unapologetically brass, crude, rude, sarcastic, hyper, romantic, friendly neighborhood mutant cartoon character. He’s someone that today’s women will swoon over and men will aspire to be. Is that scary? Maybe, maybe not. One thing I feel we all can come together on though is how well his relationship with Vanessa represents the “today” romance.

I feel like there’s really no need to shout “spoilers ahead” for this movie but on the off chance you’re super sensitive to any plot being tainted for you….you should have seen the movie opening weekend you whiney twat!! Sorry, Deadpool brings out the abrasive punk in me …moving on.

How do these two represent our peeps you ask? Well first off, they meet at a bar (and not on a dating app, thank you for not being cliché) She’s a um…prostitute(which is not part of the argument I’m making so skip!) and he pays to spend time with her at some sort of Dave and Busters rip off joint as their first date. (which admittedly I enjoy but prefer Barcade as its less commercial and crowded). Afterwards they screw (duh) and its SO good they decide to make it a habit, which turns into exclusive, which turns into, “I’m like Yoda on your Luke’s back.” “Hey nice Star Wars reference.” “Um Empire!” *mind blown*”its like I created you from a video game!” (which means love).

Here’s where Deadpool wins; it knows its audience and speaks their language fluently. Most adults in their, 20’s 30’s 40’s let their freak flag fly with no shame and if a super “hero” balances our fandom with our maturity that’s bold and brass, we’ll love it. Wade exclaims in his proposal to Vanessa that her crazy matches his, which is what we ask for. The whole perfect prince/princess has kind of fallen to the wayside in favor of a more grounded, “can I just find someone who’s idea of a good time on a cold as f*#k day is to binge watch ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy and bone after? or in-between or in-between and after?…oh and will pay the bills…on time…SCORE!” We want the imperfect over the perfect. Perhaps, the imperfect will become monotonous over time as well since that seems to be the message that’s set on repeat nowadays for box office successes. BUT for now, it resonates with our generation. Which is why Wade and Vanessa just kicked Christian Grey and his lip biting, 23 year old virgin Anastasia Steele’s ass in the Box Office!


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