“Y” Darth Vader is Necessary for Rogue One

I’ll admit it, before yesterday’s news came out that Darth Vader will be featured in Star Wars first spin off film, Rogue One, I was content to wait for Episode 8. The concept of Rebel spies securing the plans for the first Death Star seemed boring really. I know how its going to end, I know that stupid Death Star will still get made, I don’t really care about the characters (cause none of them are Han Solo #fuckkyloren) and it just seemed like Disney was trying to find a filler to rack up more Star Wars hype while they wait for the next Episode to be made. No Disney, you will not take my money and consume my Christmas as you did last year!! (insert shameless plug for my music video #alliwantisstarwars https://youtu.be/SYVuOysIKws)

Now, Darth Vader is leaked out as being part of the cast with a major fight scene….hmm….is James Earl Jones coming back? *opens a tab, searches in IMDB* Damn, not confirmed yet. Alright, alright I’ll think about it.

I mean, it’s Darth Vader. He’s listed in the American Film Institute as the #3 villain of all time in cinematic movie history. I would argue that he’s number 1 but whatever. Yes, in the first Star Wars film, he started out just a typical mustache twirling, tying the female heroine up to the train track baddy. BUT then ‘Empire Strikes Back’ comes out and you discover he once good now gone bad, didn’t know he had a son that’s alive, then he’s all conflicted about his choices, realizes he also has a daughter…THEN he sacrifices himself to save his son and bring balance back into the force becoming the unforeseen savior!!! whew, talk about complex.

Granted we see a lot of that today; Wicked, Frozen, X-Men, Harry Potter, Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones etc… Bad guys that are just misunderstood are kind of expected but back then they weren’t. I’m not saying Vader came first but he was certainly the one to become so iconic largely because of it. The bomb dropping line, “I am your father” is still one of the most recognized movie lines after all these years. People who haven’t seen Star Wars (if there are any at this point) know that line. “We the People” love Vader, NOT Anakin cry baby Skywalker…Darth Vader.

Oh Disney. You, you, you SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

*We even find Darth Vader in Bed, Bath and Beyond

darth vader

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