What it Sounds Like When Nerds Cr’Y’

goblin King and snapeMan….last week kicked my ass!

I was prepping myself for a really long blog on the Goblin King and how he touched all of my feels when the news came that Die Hard fan favorite Severus Snape had parted this plane as well. Both from cancer, both 69, both British, BOTH pop culture icons! Hell, somebody hold me…no really….someone come find me and hold me.

The cry of 16 year old Jennifer Connelly, “It’s not fair!” from The Labyrinth echoes still in my head. Sadly, life never is though is it? What we can do is, “decide what to do with the time that ‘was’ given to us.” Most of my generation will tell you that they were first introduced to David Bowie through Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. I mean I know he made a “big” impact on me when I saw it; I mean those pants! That voice! His stare! Him playing with his balls and offering it to me( I mean Sarah). Whew, even as a grown ass woman he gets me excited. I did of course listen to his other albums and songs afterwards but you never quite forget you’re first impression.

Then there’s Alan Rickman; the misunderstood dark horse that loves fiercely through just his eyes. When he speaks its low, seductive and borderline dangerous;  You believe that he would kill for you and in some movies, he does. I first was exposed to him in ‘Sense and Sensibility’. He wasn’t the dashing romantic hero but the quiet, reserved duke who had very little words but if you were brave enough to look into his eyes, the passion would devour you. I would literally offer up myself to a man if he looked at me that way and say, “Alright fine! Have it your way! Take me!” It’s honestly because of that film that I had an inkling that Snape loved Lilly. Why else cast Alan Rickman, who you could have argued was too old for the role?  Because he’s that good. I couldn’t wait to watch him in ‘The Deathly Hallows part Two’. I saw it with a friend who hadn’t read the books and when the snake came for his throat she muttered “good” under her breath. I merely smiled and whispered, “just wait for it.” Then Daniel Radcliffe dove into the pensive and there was Alan Rickman ( I mean Snape) weeping over a woman who had forever changed his life and who he would never have. My friend gaped and then cried. I knew what was coming and cried. Damn you Alan Rickman, I’m crying still! “It’s just not fair!”

But to quote Dumbledore, “Do not pity the dead Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.” If you look back on their lives these men were loved and, even though I never met them personally, its obvious they loved in return. Whether it was through their craft or with their family, they loved and lived and cherished. Most of us wish to be so lucky.  These men touched ALOT of people’s lives and left an imprint on this nostalgic kids heart. From now on when I look up into the skies I will search for David’s Bowie’s constellation, blush and give thanks. When I pop in any Alan Rickman film I will swoon and give thanks. I carry you both with me, “Always.”

Thank you.

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