‘Y’ 2016 is My Year of Affirmations


At the beginning of every new year I’m faced with the same question: What resolutions do I want to make and will I actually keep them? If I truly think about it, I don’t really keep them and the majority of others I know don’t either. Scratch that, I don’t know anyone that keeps them. So ‘y’ make them?

I think the pressure of the ‘New Year, New You’ weighs down on people; Especially for me, cause my birthday happens at the same time. That’s a double dose of reality for time passing by….which requires an extra shot.

This year is a big one, 30. I hear that’s the golden decade. The decade where you stop giving a shit and hug yourself with loving affection instead of the usual self deprecating, finger pointing shouts in the mirror to be better. While I doubt that I will all of a sudden stop hitting myself, I have been “struck” with the notion that instead of worrying so much about change I should instead focus on strengthening what I already have.

cue Gru’s, “Liiiiggghht buuulllb.”

Ah, immediately I feel better; Dare I say it, motivated to follow through with this notion. Affirmations instead of resolutions. The principal of the matter is still similar except the mentality is different. Instead of searching for new relationships, work on the ones I have. Instead of crying about the MTA, count my blessings that I don’t have to drive in the city. Instead of changing my workout routine, vow to actually maintain the spin class you’ve already paid for three months ago and haven’t used up all of them yet.  Instead of putting money aside for bigger boobs, invest in a new line of brassieres that compliment the size B’s already in place because hey, at least its a handful.

Could you still argue that this is a resolution? Yes. Do I really care? No. Because if I’ve just tricked myself into actually keeping a resolution this year, I’m almost as fly as my friend Calvin here.

Let’s see how I do…

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