An Adultish Christmas Story


‘Twas twilight at Christmas, when all through the city

The high was mid 60’s, which is kind of a pity;

The DLC packs are downloaded with room to spare,

With Kevin Conroy’s voice still echoing in the air;


Michael and Roommate are nestled in the crook of the couch,

With visions of blue shells making Roommate grouch,

And I wearing glasses, and Ipad in my lap,

Had just settled in to watch some Spinal Tap,


When out on the street there came such a chatter,

We raised up the volume cause usually it doesn’t matter.

Away from the window I flew like the Flash,

But on my tip toes cause my neighbor’s an ass.


The kitchen was filled with leftovers galore,

Michael ate so much Turkey, he surely will snore

When, what to my perceptive ears do I hear?

But the barista Chad at my door with a 6 pack of beer.


As I ponder how he figured out where I lived

Behind him came Eric, that Handsome kid.

Their eyes filled with mischief, devilish smiles gave me pause

They were dressed all in red just like Santa Claus


“Santacon” was last week” I said with a pout

Eric laughed, “I’m aware, but we’re still going out!”

“IT’S CHRISTMAS!” cried Chad, “What are you doing inside?”

“There’s too many tourists,” mumbled Roommate, “so we’re trying to hide.”


But they wouldn’t have it, even though we did plead,

Till out we all marched with Chad taking the lead.

We walked through the streets jingle bells ringing in the night

Christmas lights were strung out making it a beautiful sight.


We laughed and sang carols as we marched on our way

At one point Michael asked if we just passed Tina Fey

Till out of the concrete arose Central Park

As we made our way in we came upon someone who looked like Tony Stark


It was only Dick Cantlay, that conniving dog

He’s hosting an event, ‘ Cinema Yule Log’

The film of the evening was ‘A Christmas Story’

We sprang out on the lawn to bask in its glory


We chanted, “you’ll shoot your eye out” to Ralphie’s appeal

For a Red Rider beebee gun, yup we gave in to our “feels”

And as away the film went its screen blazing real bright

I whispered, “Merry Christmas my boys Thanks for making my night”


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