“Y” Star Wars is Successful



Two Hundred and thirty eight million….Star Wars made 238 MILLION just in the opening weekend! Surprised? Not really.

I think everyone, when I mean everyone I mean literally EVERYONE, knew from the second the trinity of the classic Star Wars films signed on to come back, this film was going to be huge; especially with the return of Harrison Ford. But Star Wars has been apart of our pop culture even after Luke saved his father and the Rebellion destroyed the second death star. There was the novels that carried on the George Lucas vision, the infamously bad prequel films that made us hate the vision of George Lucas, Clone wars and Rebel cartoons that fared pretty well, the plethora of video games and now even comic books. So really, Star Wars has been continuing to build its fan base ever since 1977. Now, those kids are parents and are dragging their own little Luke and Leia to the theater to seduce them with the power of the force. And the force is definitely strong in families.

But with all the financial success of The Force Awakens is it really a good film?

Eh well, I actually had to go see it again. See I was one of the many that got spoiled by the big death by internet #jerktrolls (there is a special place in hell for those people) so I went in already mad that my all time FAVORITE character was going to die. Was it still enjoyable? Yes absolutely. Did it still bother me that Han Solo died? Oh god yea.

Which begged the question: Did they kill him because it parallels with ‘A New Hope’? Or because Harrison Ford would only come back for one? That’s a tough one to call. The man was infamous for wanting to stay far away from the franchise once he left it, not because he was ungrateful but because he simply wanted to move on. Its also no secret he wished for his character to die some noble death back in ‘Empire Strikes Back’ days. However, seeing the movie for the second time really opened my eyes to just how many elements of ‘A New Hope’ the movie did mirror. Which also started to bother me. A droid is carrying a piece of information that the Emp…sorry First Order is seeking desperately. It’s led by a new Emper…Supreme Leader with Darth Kylo Ren as his puppet. The Chosen one is on a desert planet abandoned by his/her real parents with the force flowing strong with her. She comes across the droid and she’s off to help the resistance knock down another Death Star…planet..thing with the help from a hero of the old days of war who will help shut down the main shield before confronting his old ally(son in this case) who brings about his death. But really empir…sorry Order, another death star/planet?! Why? Because the last two worked out really well for you?

In either case, Han Solo’s death still bothered me. I was very intrigued by the whole golden boy of his famous parents and uncle turning to the dark side and creating a new order of evil Siths or Knights of Ren. I would have liked to have seen more of Han and Leia working out their baggage with Luke and Luke working out how to earn their forgiveness for quote “failing them and their son”. Alright fine, I just would of liked to have seen more Han and Leia #favoritemoviecoupleever!!!! But perhaps that’s just mostly my nostalgic 6 year old girl whining. I’ll let it go…one day…

The Force Awakens perhaps is not my perfect Star Wars film but its a damn smart one. It touches on just the right amount of nostalgia to please the older generation while setting up new characters to mirror our new one. It felt like the old Star Wars with a fresh upgrade without being clouded with too much CGI. You’re smart JJ Abrams. Very smart. I’m already pre ordering my tickets for the next one. #anotheronebitesthedust

Now who wants to start predicting what aspects of ‘Empire Strikes Back’ will appear in Episode 8?


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