“Y” Carrie Fisher Rules My World!

  It’s December and everyone knows what that means….ITS STAR WARS TIME!!
This year the hype for the much anticipated new release of, Star Wars The Force Awakens is well…Titanic. And that’s what some people are actually saying; it’s the next Titanic. I mean I thought “Lord of the Rings Return of the King” was the next Titanic after Titanic but I’ll go with it.  

As I was saying, with the return of Star Wars just around the river bend, we’ve been seeing a lot of Carrie Fisher lately. Which begs the question: why has that taken so long? She’s hilarious! She’s a spitfire! She tells it like it is! She’s…a product of what Hollywood does with actresses once they reach a certain age(unless you’re Meryl Streep). 

Recently she sat down with a very attractive female reporter with ABC(link included in this blog). The questions were, “did it take much convincing to come back?” Carrie: “no, I’m a actress over the age of 50.” “I heard you had to physically change yourself for the role.” Carrie: “yes and it’s a stupid conversation. But I’ll have that with you…do you work out everyday? Do you find it boring? How do you keep yourself entertained?” This is her being a good sport. 

It’s females like Carrie Fisher that will help keep the conversation about the way females are treated in Hollywood up in the spotlight. Men, yes are also subject to weight control as well but not as strict as females and men definitely have a longer life span in Hollywood than females. If Carrie proves anything it’s that, regardless of weight and age, people will watch her. And I love her for that 💋

Watch the interview and tell me if you get bored. Let me know if you think she owned that interview. I think she killed it…and half of the staff behind the camera 😉http://comicbook.com/2015/12/04/carrie-fisher-and-her-dog-review-star-wars-the-force-awakens/

2 thoughts on ““Y” Carrie Fisher Rules My World!

  1. They should have her just do ALL the Star Wars Interviews. People think she’s the one they are least interested in and then she talks and whoa! Where you been all our lives, Carrie?! I love gnarled old Harriso. He’s a living Legend but his interviews, while lovably awkward, aren’t nearly as much fun as Carrie’s are- She of the Last Laugh heard round Hollywood. *All Hail The Metal Bikini Action Figure.*


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