“Y” We should “Not Be Afraid”

As I left the theater last night I was greeted by a line of cop cars. I had heard through the grapevine that another video had surfaced from Isis claiming that more attacks were coming and then of images flashing of Herald and Time square. So honestly, I wasn’t surprised to see a heavy police presence but I have to admit it was comforting.

When threats have happened in the past, the police have always been pretty responsive. Commissioner Bill Bratton spoke in Time Square last night along side Mayor De Blasio stating that, “There is, as we have repeated frequently, no city in America that is better prepared to defend and protect against a terrorist attack. We work tirelessly to ensure that, continuously upgrading our capabilities and our systems.” He were also told that around 35,000 combined forces of cops, swats, and soldiers would be on deck for the following weeks to come. That’s a whole lot of man power…

“The people of New York City will not be intimidated. We understand it is the goal of terrorists to intimidate and disrupt our democratic society. We will not submit to their wishes,” De Blasio said. I agree with him. It’s so important to remain vigilant. That we will not succumb to fear. Granted, its still unsettling and even scary to think about how an attack could happen but it’s all the more reason to go back to my thought on just “vive”. Whether its a terrorist attack or not, we will never know when time is up so keep living the way you want to and love the people that are important to you.

For now I hope this picture gives people comfort in knowing that any threat to the city is taken seriously and that we’ve got all these guys(and ladies) lining up to protect their fellow New Yorkers. Thank you NYPD : )




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