“Y” to Endure We Must Vive!

I must admit, I went back and forth on whether or not to write about what happened over the weekend. It’s only my second post on Word Press and my blog stems from the 90’s nostalgia kid that still lives “upstairs”… so I didn’t necessarily feel qualified. However, when the attack on Paris happened there was a lot of unease in city that night and I witnessed just how much impact it had on New Yorkers. Out in Hell’s Kitchen I saw a lot of people shifting uncomfortably in their bar stools, constantly checking on their phone, and glancing outside to see if they could hear any sirens themselves. And as we watched the death toll continued to climb together, one bartender dropped what he was doing and went to his phone. “I’m calling my dad man. I haven’t spoken to him in a month. Nights like this, wakes you up to how stupid you can be.”

Make no mistake, death is never a pleasant subject to blog or write about but if there is one silver lining to tragedy it’s its ability to open our eyes. We really do never know when time will be up; So how are you living the life you’ve been given? If something were to happen, would you have any regrets? The answer should be “No” but we all know the real answer is “Yes”.

So fellow readers change that. If you hate your job, quit it. Life’s too short to work for Bill Lumbergh so grab your stapler and bolt! If you’re fighting with your mom, call her. Yes, listen to JK Simmons and call your parents!! They’re a pain but that goes with the territory and they do more good than harm. : )

Most importantly, if you love someone tell them. Those people in your life that really make a difference, affect your choices, inspire your actions and uplift you as a human being should know. And even if you’ve said it…say it more often. We take for granted they’ll be other times and places to express our gratitude but really, unless you have a DeLorean (which would be pretty sweet), there is no guarantee you will.

So Change it. Take a cue from the French and “Don’t be Afraid” to Vive!

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