“Y” Ariel is my #1

Today back in 1989 ‘The Little Mermaid’ hit theaters and what a milestone it was for me. So to honor Ariel, I’m going to list all the reasons why you can never forget your first.

-The Little Mermaid was the first ever movie I saw in theaters. I was three. My mom said it was the first time I ever sat still for more than 45 minutes. I was completely mesmerized and saw it three more times in the theater.

-Part of you World was the first ever solo I sang completely on pitch and memorized perfectly….again I was three, so huge accomplishment there for me.

-Eric, was my first crush. Yes he’s a cartoon but my god was he a fine looking hand drawn man. To this day he’s ironically (or maybe not) my type of guy I go all gaga for. That dark hair, those blue eyes, the way he works a flute…

-I dyed my hair red for a few years(much older mind you) because of Ariel. I just thought red heads had more fun but most people just thought I was Irish or Scottish.

-The Little Mermaid kicked off my obsession with Alan Menken. Man, I’m still waiting to meet the man that brought sweet music to my childhood. I met his daughter by accident once! Which basically meant, I wasn’t told it was her till she actually left. Probably because they knew I would immediately want to ask for her dad’s number…it’s probably for the best.

-The most prized possession I own is a original sketch of Ariel with her daughter Melody. Yes the sequel was terrible but my mom got it for me to put in my nursery when I become a mom(which I’m still far from). So its not only precious but symbolic as well.

So Happy Birthday Ariel! After all these years, you’re still very much apart of my world


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